Thank you so much for making this. Tien and Launch are such a good pairing and there IS a severe lack of fanart of them. Did they become a couple in the series? I'm pretty sure they didn't but it seemed like by the time her role was up in db they were living together.

They never really did officially, unfortunately. :c

She never really showed up in DBZ because the author forgot about her and said that her transformation make make things confusing with the addition of super saiyans. 

They’re canon enough for me though! And canon in my heart!!

Aww!! I love this blog! Tenshinhan x Launch is my OTP ^^ But, is it hard finding all these fanarts of them?

I’m glad you like them too! 

There’s not a TON out there! But thankfully I can find new ones every once in a while on pixiv!



ランチさんとか天ランおえかきつめあわせ | 薪 [pixiv]